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The earthing system of a building within a lightning and surge protection system. It captures and dispersing the lightning currents to ground and is key in the operation of surge protection.

Lightning protection earthing systems use a wide range of materials to achieve a maximum resistance level of 10 ohms or less to adhere to BS 7430: Earthing.

We determine soil resistivity, improves earthing design and measures how the system is performing.

Modern earthing techniques used by BLL meet all the relevant British and international standards, including BS 7430:1998 Code of Practice for Earthing and IEEE80-2000 Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding.

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We carry out the following activities:

  • Check the condition of earthing systems already in place
  • Conduct soil resistivity measurements
  • Design earthing systems for a number of uses
  • Recommend and supply materials
  • Install new systems when required
  • Maintain existing systems

With many years’ of experience, our operatives work with both large and small buildings, new developments and an array of differing requirements and organisations. We work on the following:

  • Industrial, commercial
  • Government and MOD projects
  • Rail engineering
  • HV earthing and generator earthing
  • Anti-static earthing
  • Transformer
  • Electro-magnetic pulse protection (EMP)
  • Power generation sites and sub-stations

About us

We provide the design, installation and maintenance of lightning protection & earthing systems throughout the UK.

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