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Surge protection for buildings is required to comply with the recommendations of BSEN 62305 & BS7661. We’ll do a full risk assessment to determine what level of protection you’ll need.

We offer earthing for standby generators, LV and HV supply systems, transformers and telecommunication systems.

Your electronic and electrical systems are essential to your business, but did you know that each day, these systems are risk from electrical surges?

These high magnitude over-voltages are from both direct lightning strikes, as well as switching of inductive/capacitive loads inside buildings.

Transient over-voltages

Transient over-voltages can damage electrical and electronic systems, disrupt services causing sometimes high repair costs and down time for the business.

BSEN 62305 stipulates that surge protection must be included as part of your lightning protection system to minimise damage to your premises and incoming services.

Leading service and products

We supply and install transient and/or over voltage SPD surge protection for your building. With products sourced directly from leading manufacturers, you’ll ensure compliance with BSEN 62305.

About us

We provide the design, installation and maintenance of lightning protection & earthing systems throughout the UK.

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